Chief Sister in Charge


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m an 18 year old artist on my way to Parsons The New School Of Design. I have a good sense of cultural history and my current placement within society. I view this complex world as an influential place for an artist like myself. The paint being the many different skin tones and the colors complimenting and enhancing one another. The line quality symbolizing the many different shapes and sizes. The balance showing the importance of sharing notable ideas. Last but certainly not least the highlighting, emphasizing the greatest aspects of human nature.

As people we sometimes tend to let media, define what beauty actually is. We have a mental image of what beauty should look like. We don’t notice how much we depend on others to define our lives. We analyze a person, and from the first 3 seconds we have already made a conclusion about that person, without even noticing. We need to ask ourselves if our opinions on others are persuaded by the media, or are they our genuine thoughts. As a group we have to take a bold change by recognizing and accepting people from different backgrounds, instead of scorning someone because they are different.

I created a collection of paintings that emphasize African features. I like to magnify what most of society has deemed as unattractive. I hope you can find your own story in my collection of work. Thank you so much for any type of support.